Vintage 1920s Mack Sennett Beauty on the Beach Flapper in Bathing Suit Postcard


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I received a small pile of postcards which may or may not have been taken by the same photographer. They are uniform in size and shape - 3.5 x. 5.5 but some have postcard writing on the back ("correspondence," "address," place for stamp) and some are plain. This one has nothing on the back yet it is of the same postcard quality paper as the ones that do.

I have no idea who the woman is in her risque pose, but many of the pics indicate that the women are a part of "Mack Sennett's Beauties." I cannot guarantee that this woman is.

The card is in VERY GOOD condition. There is one small area on the bottom right which looks like the corner bent. Otherwise there are no wrinkles, cuts or folds anywhere else. The card is relatively free of marks or stains, just the faint discoloration of a very very old card.

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