1950s Desmonds Made in Honolulu Pink a s White Sea Shell Cotton Circle Dress


The textile print with White Sea weed and dark pink sea shells is beyond adorable! Please note the lighter pics show the accurate color. I enhanced the color on a couple pics to show the details better.

The cotton is sturdy and in perfect condition with a faux bustier in the front with two wide straps. I took a picture of the bust lining which looks like mom-tearable paper which I have seen before but is pretty rare.

The dress as two pockets and forms a perfect circle! It also comes with a cute belt that has pink fringe on the ends!

The label says “Made in Honolulu for Desmond’s of Southern California.”

CONDITION: I see no fading, holes, tears, rips, stains or smells. The dress is light but I think that is the original color. I am rating this as being in EXCELLENT condition.


Shoulders: n/a
Chest: 17 3/4" x 2 (Just 1/4" shy of 36")
Waist: 13” x 2 (26”)
Hips: Free
Length: 43” (there is about 4 extra inches on the hem.)


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