Vintage Late 1930s Black Fabric Shoes by Jolene Shoes Size 7.5 L


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What I love about this near mint condition shoes is the sticker inside that says “Hitch your wagon to a star! Says Merle Oberon. Alexander Korda Productions.”

If you know anything about the fabulous Merle Oberon, major movie star of the 1930s and 1940s, she was married to Alexander Korda who produced her movies and help elevate her to famous movie star status.

These shoes are so incredible that although they are a bit too snug, I refused to part with them until now (I don’t know - maybe I thought if I waited long enough my foot would shrink?)

These are so iconic of their era. 10” long and 3” wide, with a 3.5” long heel, they look like they were worn no more than one or two times. Actually the fabric is pristine. There is a slight patch on the inside of one shoe that looks like a bit of the leather sole was torn (see pic.)

One shoe sole says “Handcrafted Jolene Shoes Styled in Hollywood, along side that the Merle Oberon sticker.

The shoe is rimmed along the opening with a fabric band and there are three fabric ribbons sewn is as accents on the front. The shoes have a peephole as well.

CONDITION: As mentioned there is a slight wear/tear spot on the sole. The bottoms soles look as if they were worn once or twice. I am rating this shoes as being in MINT MINUS CONDITION.


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